Christmas traditions over the world


The time of the year with the most traditions is approaching, a time marked by family gatherings, the festive atmosphere in the streets and a rich gastronomy. Can you guess what time of the year it could be?

Christmas is coming!

Twinkling lights in homes and in the streets warmly lighten the coldest and darkest season of the year. Christmas traditions vary all over the world, some of them very curious and others with a very old history, but all of them make this time of the year magical, cozy, aimed above all at children's enjoyment.

In the United Kingdom, for example, during Christmas dinner, "Christmas Crackers" are opened, decorated cardboard tubes containing small gifts, a joke and a paper hat. The family pulls on both ends so that they "explode", the person who gets the larger part of the tube gets to keep what is inside.

On a gastronomic level, apart from the traditional Christmas turkey, Christmas Pudding, a traditional dessert served at Christmas dinner, stands out. It is a rich mixture of dried fruits, nuts, spices and rum, often flambéed at the table before serving.

In Ireland, on Christmas Eve, families light a candle in the window as a symbol of welcome for the Holy Family.

On December 26th, known as St. Stephen's Day (or Boxing Day in the UK), Wren Day is celebrated, where children go door-to-door with a bird doll on a pole, singing and collecting donations.

Across the ocean, in Canada, the Inuit natives celebrate Sinck Tuck. This celebration involves feasting, dancing and exchanging gifts. It is related to the celebration of the winter solstice, and meals usually include caribou, raw fish, seal and other foods typical of the area.

Another curious tradition is that of the "Jólasveinar" or "Christmas Children" in Iceland. It is believed that these 13 characters, children of the ogre Grýla, arrive one by one during the nights before Christmas. They each have their own particular behavior and are said to leave presents or potatoes in the children's shoes depending on whether they have been good or naughty.

In Ukraine, it is common to decorate Christmas trees with cobwebs and spider webs. This tradition is based on a legend that tells that a poor family found their tree covered with cobwebs, but at dawn, the sun turned them into gold and silver threads.

During Christmas Eve, Norwegian witches and evil spirits come out to roam, so it is common to hide the brooms to prevent them from being stolen and used for evil purposes.

There are countries that enjoy high temperatures at Christmas, as in Australia, where it is common to see representations of Santa Claus surfing waves instead of sliding on the snow.

There are many curious Christmas traditions around the world, but one of the most peculiar is the one we celebrate in Catalonia, called "Caga Tió". The tradition involves hitting a log with sticks while singing a special song, and then lifting the blanket to reveal small gifts and treats that the "Tió" has "defecated".

These are just a few of the many Christmas traditions that exist around the world. Each culture has its own unique ways of celebrating this holiday, but what we all know is that it is very special, it is also a time when people tend to express feelings of love, generosity and solidarity.

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