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Would you like to study English abroad? Individual programs provide the flexibility to be able to take the English and other languages ​​courses abroad on dates that are best for you through the summer. Flights are not included in the price in most of these programs as this will depend on the dates chosen.

Choosing an "individual" course means that the student flies alone, without an accompanying English Summer S.A. monitor.

On arrival at the destination airport, a monitor will be waiting to guide you to the transfer service to your final destination. The return journey would work in exactly the same way.

Once you arrive at the school you will meet up with the other students, this does not mean that the course is an individual course, we are only referring to the journey.

If we are the ones who book the flights for these courses and not the families directly, we always try to match students travelling on the same dates so that they travel in small groups. If there are 10 students on the same flight, destination and dates, we can offer the service of an accompanying monitor.

We have many types of courses available: individual, residential, family, home stay, intensive courses, sports, etc.

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