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We offer our under 18 students the possibility of airport assistance service. This service, available for groups of 5 or more participants, has helped students and their families with the check-in process or any unforseen events at the airport.

All groups with a minimum of 10 students and in speciffic programs, will have an accompanying monitor in charge of supervising the needs of the students, before and during the trip abroad. This monitor will carry the plane tickets, so students will only have to carry their own passports.

We recommend that all students always wear the English Summer S.A. T-shirt, which will help to have them located.

Those students who are over 18, wouldn't have the travel assistance or monitor service included in the course fees. However, if the participant should need speciffic assistance, they can request it from our organization by paying the corresponding amount.

Once they arrive at the destination airport, a representative or school monitor will be waiting with a sign with the name of the organization or school. Sometimes even with the student's name.

If you arrive at the airport and cannot locate the representative, call the 24-hour telephone number (687 986 591).

The departure and return days can be quite long, so we recommend that students carry something to eat and drink in their backpack.

  •  DELAYS 

During the summer months flights are delayed due to the intense air traffic. In this case, you have to be patient and remember that English Summer S.A. can't avoid this problem. Our organization, even though we are completely oblivious to these problems, also suffers from the discomfort. 

The majority of the students during summer travel by plane. Airports at this time of the year suffer from large crowds, so it is advisable to be foresighted and present yourself at the check-in desk at least 2 hours before the departure flight.

In case the flight suffers a considerable delay, please contact the 24 hours phone number (687 986 591)


In case of loss or damage to your luggage, you must adress yourself to "Baggage Claim" at the airport. Usually there are small offices located near the conveyor belts.

In cases where compensation is not accepted, it is very useful to keep the receipts and invoices of the items purchased for the subsequent claim.

Most luggage is retrieved and sent free of charge to the indicated residence. That is why it is extremely important to identify luggage with our name, address and contact telephone number. 

After 40 days from the loss, international air legislation considers luggage to be lost, so companies are obliged to provide compensation based on the checked weight of the luggage.

The international airport legislation indicates that the reception of the luggage without protest it means that the luggage has been delivered in good condition. That's why is important checking the condition of the luggage at the time of its reception at the airport. If the luggage presents any kind of flaw or imperfection, you must go to the Baggage Claim and make a claim by attaching your billing receipt, ticket and passport.