Final meeting of Courses Abroad 2022


On 28th May the final meeting of the Courses Abroad 2022 took place at the Finca de Tamarit. The day started at 10:30h with the handing out of documentation to the students who signed up this year as they arrived, they were also given the t-shirt and the backpack that they will have to wear on the day of the trip to be recognised more easily at the airport. At 11am, the families made their way to the marquee where the meeting began. The first thing that was done was to present the team, both the administrative team and the monitors who will accompany the students on this experience.

During the presentation, a lot of importance was given to everything that had to be taken into account before and during the stay in the other country, we explained in detail the student's guide that we edited so that the families have all the relevant information. At this point we talked about what each student should bring, what the rules of the course are and how communication between families, students and administration works. We also detailed the differences between the courses with residential and family accommodation, the different types of activities that students will do at their destination and the insurance coverage included in the course.

Once the general meeting was over, the participants were divided into small groups, according to the destination in order to talk more in depth about each course, making the attention a little more personalised and taking into account each student and their personal needs.

To end the day, we all enjoyed an aperitif in the garden, where the students took the opportunity to meet their travel companions, chat with the monitors and also to resolve the families' doubts in a more informal atmosphere.

If you haven't signed up for a course abroad and you want to experience the world and live an unforgettable adventure, there's still time! Last places on the Bournemouth course, from 17 to 31 July. Let's fly!