Discovering Limerick

Ice-breaking games, classes, sports, Irish dances, King John's Castle, The Cliffs of Mother, Galaway... and much more! 


Hello! We are already in Limerick, Ireland and we are here to tell you how our first days in this beautiful city have been.

On Monday 17th July we left Barcelona at 11am and arrived at the University of Limerick at 19h! The perfect time to take a tour of the university complex where we stayed.

What a university! We discovered the large rugby fields, football fields, tennis courts, restaurants, the areas where we would be doing our classes and much more. The trip was long so we decided to rest and get some rest and energy for the first day.

The day started with breakfast with our Italian colleagues. As we didn't all know each other we spent the morning playing Ice-breakers and games to get to know each other better. After lunch we had to do a level test so that the teachers could divide us according to our level of English, then we spent the afternoon making conversation with our teacher. The day could only get better and better so they prepared a "Welcome Party" with typical snacks and refreshments for everyone.

The next day the monitors had prepared a morning full of sports games to make the most of the university facilities. In the afternoon we were divided into groups according to our level of English and the classes began where we worked on grammar and above all speaking. Taking advantage of the fact that we are in Ireland we were lucky enough to have the visit of a professional dancer who taught us Irish dances.

Thursday came and it was time for... sightseeing! We visited King John's Castle and Limerick City for the whole day. We had a real medieval experience in the castle thanks to the animation and characterisation of the visit. The day ended with a Black and White party in the nightclub. After the party we went for a rest as we had to go back to school the next day. This time we had the opportunity to do a music workshop and also to learn Gaelic football and play tennis on the courts of the complex. In the afternoon we did our 4 hours of intensive English and prepared for the treasure hunt.

The weekend arrived and on Saturday we continued with our routine at the camp, sports activities and workshops and our intensive English classes. In the evening we demonstrated our knowledge in the Apollo Quiz.

On Sunday came the most awaited day, our second excursion of the week. This time we went to The Cliffs of Moher and Galway! How lucky we were that the weather allowed us to see the amazing sights. Galway city also blew us away, we really enjoyed the street concerts and the atmosphere. To end the day on a high note, once we got back to campus we went to the theatre to see Disney's Coco.

We are very happy to be enjoying this experience in Ireland and we are looking forward to continue telling our adventures!

Soon you will have more news about how our unforgettable experience in Limerick, Ireland will continue! Best regards!