Tips to enjoy an English course abroad

Choose the option that best suits your needs and live an unforgettable experience!


Making the decision to go to an unknown country for a period of time is something that requires a lot of meditation, planning and enthusiasm. It's an enriching initiative in every way: socially, culturally, educationally and personally. If it's the first time that you have undertaken a trip abroad, it's normal that many questions arise and you are curious to know everything about the destination. That's why at English Summer S.A. we offer you tips to help you make the most of our English courses abroad.

Getting out of your comfort zone is synonymous with advancement and personal growth. Travelling to another country means discovering new versions of yourself and represents a guarantee of learning and cultural immersion, especially if you live with international students or native speakers and interact with them. The most important thing is to choose a destination and course that suits your level, interests and needs. It is not the same to travel to Oxford, where students are accompanied by a monitor throughout the course, as it is to go to Boston, which is a destination recommended for more mature and independent students.

A positive attitude makes you learn faster and adapt better

We know that nerves and insecurities can keep you from enjoying the moment to the fullest. Our advice is that when you are overcome with doubts, stop for a moment and ask yourself: "If the answer is "Yes!", then DO IT without hesitation, because this opportunity will make you grow and be a little happier. Settle into your "new home" and keep your arms wide open to all those people who will give you a warm welcome. 

Speak English whenever you can and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Try to mix with people from different countries, don't just group with Spanish-speaking students because you won't get the most out of the course. This is your great opportunity to acquire new vocabulary and practice your fluency in speaking English. Overcome your fear of making mistakes, interact, listen and let them correct you. Go into the language immersion course without any preconceptions, do your best and take the plunge!

Put body, mind and heart into your English lessons

The educational programme is designed to be a fully immersive and interactive experience. Put aside your embarrassment and participate! Solve any doubts you may have, ask for the lesson to be repeated if you have not understood an explanation, take notes, keep up to date with the syllabus and do the exercises, show interest in what you are being taught, respect the teacher and the other students. It's important that you feel comfortable, that you have as few distractions as possible and that you are motivated to learn English, as this will determine the success of your experience abroad.

Enjoy new friendships, customs, culture and leisure time

After class, take the opportunity to forge bonds with your classmates and organise plans with them. Don't close yourself off! Enjoy the international experience by doing different activities: visit the city and museums, go on outdoor excursions, play sports in a group, explore the most emblematic monuments, read and ask about the country's curiosities and traditions... It's the best way to get to know people, places and improve your level of English. Find out as much as you can before you set off, so you'll have more confidence and a better sense of direction when you arrive!

"What kind of course can I do?"

At English Summer S.A. we offer different course programmes.

Group programmes with instructor: these are courses that take place on specific dates. They include flights and the supervision of our instructors. This is a good option for young people who are taking their first flight or for parents who want more peace of mind. In addition, we also offer flight escorts.

Individual programmes: students live with host families and have the support of the school's monitors. It is a programme that provides more flexibility in terms of timetable, as it is an individual experience. It is ideal for those who have already left their comfort zone and want to fully integrate where they are staying.

Academic year/term: it's designed for students with a very clear objective: to get to know another culture, mature and learn a language in the most natural way: living, communicating and thinking in English during a long stay. Students can spend the academic year or a term equivalent to the one they are studying in Spain in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Ireland.

"Where can I stay?"

Host family: this is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and customs of the country by living with a local family. They usually have full board and most of the time you will share a home with a student of another nationality.

Residence: these can be private or residential schools. You live with other international students and the educational staff stay in the same centre for easy contact. It includes full board. This is an option that makes it easier to integrate among young people and get to know the culture and the city in a more independent way.

Doing a course abroad is a vital experience. Remember that to fulfil one of your dreams is to invest in your future. Collecting unforgettable moments and living an authentic linguistic immersion is up to you. Make your trip with English Summer the start of a great English learning journey. And above all... When you return from the adventure, keep practising the language and familiarise yourself with it as much as you can! English is the key that opens the door to many opportunities.