Teacher Appreciation Day: why is it celebrated in the USA?

Teacher's Day is celebrated in the USA in the first week of May




On the first Tuesday in May, Teacher's Day is celebrated in the United States to honour those in the teaching profession. It's a way of valuing and recognising their noble work in the education of citizens.

What is the origin of this tribute?

Teacher Appreciation Week has been celebrated every year in the USA since 1944. It all began thanks to an African-American teacher who taught in a school in the segregated South. Mattye Whyte Woodridge (1909-1999), a teacher in Arkansas, decided that teachers should be recognised for all their work and cultural contributions to citizens, so she started a movement to achieve this: she presented the proposal to American politicians and education leaders. He drafted a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt - the wife of former President Franklin Roosevelt - to support his petition.

Mrs. Roosevelt asked the 81st US Congress to consider setting aside one day a year to honour educational work. Finally, in 1955, Congress declared National Teacher's Day and since 1985, the National Education Association of the United States established the first week of May as "Teacher Appreciation Week".

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