Limerick has given us so many experiences to remember

More classes, sports, cinema, Killarney, Dublin...


Time is passing too fast and how much fun we are having in Limerick, this week has been a non-stop of amazing things going on!

After an intense first week, on Monday morning it was time to do our laundry, tidy up and spend the afternoon in the biggest shopping centre in Limerick. In the evening we had a Pyjama Party in the Village Hub of the residence where we were staying. We played a series of games that were prepared for us and then came... pizza for everyone!

On Tuesday English classes started again. This week we have classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. After our 4 hours of classes it was time to go to the Olympic size swimming pool and to the huge basketball courts of the complex. In the evening Pablo and Iker were proclaimed champions in the Apollo Challenge of the week which consisted of passing the tests that the monitors had prepared for us as quickly as possible. Congratulations guys! 

Wednesday we continued with the English classes, we did Kahoots and worked a lot on holidays and travelling themes. In the evening it was movie night, we watched the Disney film Coco in the university theatre. We had to rest because the next day we were going on an excursion.

Killarney and its nature park was the destination for Thursday's excursion. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of what life was like in the countryside when there was no electricity. Farms, free animals, farmers, bakers and much more was what we discovered in this beautiful place. Back at the residence we were given the big surprise, we were going to the cinema in the city to see Barbie, so it was time to dress in pink. It was quite an experience to see a film in English in a cinema in Ireland.

And then came the next-to-last day of classes and the last day to make the most of the many sports fields that the university has! To liven up the evening we were treated to a night of music, Bingo Loco! We put our musical taste to the test with English language songs from all eras. This time it was a group of Italian students who won the Bingo.

The weekend was not to be forgotten, on Saturday it was time to finish the English classes and have our little graduation ceremony, we all got a diploma with the recognition of the level of English acquired. And in the evening... it was time to show off our best clothes and get ready for the fashion show.

And then came Sunday... a day to say goodbye and to get to know the capital of Ireland, Dublin. We strolled through the historic streets and bought souvenirs that will stay with us for memories.

We are very happy to have been able to live this enriching experience. We will never forget going to an unknown country and connecting from the very first moment. We are so lucky to have been able to share it with our Italian colleagues, with whom we have been able to improve our English day by day and create friendships forever.