10 curiosities you didn't know about the United Kingdom


As we mentioned in the last post about the curiosities of Ireland, one of the favourite hobbies of most people is travelling, this comes from that desire to know new cultures, to know new foods, activities, new places and with this you can be able to see how even though we all live on the same planet, the customs and places are more or less similar to our country of origin.

In this post we are going to introduce you to another country that is well known and visited by many people and you probably didn't know these curious facts about it, we are talking about the United Kingdom.

Curiosities of the United Kingdom:

1. For some time we have been talking about the overpopulation that we find in the world, now, the United Kingdom we find that there are more chickens than humans.

2. The national dish of the UK is chicken tikka masala. It is a dish known to be Indian, but there is a strong belief that it originated and was created in the UK.

3. Have you ever wondered who owns the world? Obviously the answer is not a single person. However, we can tell you that Queen Elizabeth II is the legal owner of one sixth of the entire surface of the Earth.

4. There is a garden in England dedicated only to plants that can kill: It is located in the north of England and is known as the Poison Garden, where it is forbidden to touch or smell anything because it is highly poisonous.

5. 300 years ago the official language was French. It was generally used by the nobility, as the lower classes still spoke English. This changed after the Hundred Years' War between the UK and France, where French began to lose importance in England.

6. We found the shortest commercial flight in the world, it is a flight that lasts just over a minute and it is to connect two islands: Westray Island and Papa Westray.

7. It's illegal to die inside the British Parliament. This is because it's considered Royal Palace status, so the deceased should be buried with the same honours as a king.

8. It's no secret that the English people love tea. Now, you probably don't know that they drink more tea than anyone else in the world. In fact, they drink 20 times more than they do in the United States.


9. People always talk about the diversity of languages that can be heard around the world. What's surprising is that in the UK alone there are around 300 languages spoken.

10. Between 1912 and 1948, art was considered an Olympic sport in the UK, and works of art, architecture, literature, music, painting and sculpture were awarded Olympic medals.

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