Bournemouth, we are enjoying you a lot!

Drumming, London, Beach, Salisbury, Circus...


Here is Anna again! It's Wednesday again and these last few days are passing very quickly... During these days we have done a lot of activities and excursions, Let me tell you about it all:

Last Thursday we went to Winchester, where we were able to see the cathedral and do some shopping. It was a very enjoyable day.

On Friday, after classes, we did Arts and Crafts, and a drumming workshop where we learned to play different percussion instruments brought to us by Lucky, a professional musician from Zimbabwe. He introduced us to African culture and told us about its most important traditions. In the evening we had a Disco Party, which we enjoyed very much.

The next day we went to London. We had some free time to buy souvenirs for the family and then we went on a "Boat Cruise" on the river Thames were we saw the most characteristic monuments of London like Big Ben, or the London Eye.

Sunday was a sad day because some of our colleagues were leaving. Even so, we were able to rest and gather strength for the new week. We also got to meet the new students from Argentina and Italy.

On Monday we started classes again, and went to the beach to play volleyball and Rounders. In the evening we had Disco with a professional DJ.

On Tuesday we had a trip to Salisbury where we were able to visit the cathedral and the surrounding area. It is a magnificent city known for preserving the best copy of the Magna Carta.

And finally, today, Wednesday, we had a circus workshop, where we learned how to juggle and spin chinese plates. It's non-stop fun!

Tomorrow we have a trip to New Forest and a super Beach Party to look forward to, we are sure to have a great time.

We don't want it to end, but it's not long now, thank you for joining us on this adventure!