FIRST WEEK in Malvern

Good morning mums and dads,

Last Sunday started this magnific experience in England. We are enjoy this language course abroad with English Summer S.A.

Some of us had met in Tamarit's Summer Camp before and the other ones, in the airport this Sunday morning when we took the flight from Barcelona’s airport to Birmingham.

Once there, a bus drived us to Malvern, the village where we’ll stay for the next two weeks. The organization explained us all the rules of the School.


At 18:00 we went to have dinner and after that we make some introductory activities to know better each other. After all, we were all very tired so at 22:00 we went to sleep.

And that was just the first day of this great experience. What about Monday?

We woke up early and at 8 o’clock we were already having breakfast. After that, we went to a tour to the village were we’ll be staying for the following two weeks. We loved Malvern!

After lunch the kids took an English test in order to distribute them later into different classes depending on their level.

The same night they started to meet the different people who arrived into the school, which was full of turkish, italian and french people.

The night activity of the second day was a disco together with some circus skills activities for those who didn’t really like dancing. It was an incredible day in which they had a lot of fun!


On Tuesday, we started the day going to a city near Malvern called Gloucester. Once there, they showed us a cathedral were some of Harry Potter films were recorded, and after that we had free time to go shopping.

After lunch we started our English lessons, which were really cool and full of activities.malvern4

Once we had lunch, we went to watch the football match at 19.00, Belgium vs France and was really cool: people from around the world supporting different teams at the same time.

Let's see what happened on Wednesday!

A great number of different activities were waiting for us: football match, Arts&Crafts and music! Almost all of the students chose the first option. And later on... MORE FOOTBALL! Actually, we had planned a nice activity, but all of them preferred to enjoy the match. We watched Croatia versus England and the final result desappointed us a little bit.

On Thursday we went to Stratford-upon-Avon, the place where William Shakespeare was born. It's possibly one of the most beautiful villages in England. We liked so much its typical wooden houses of the sixteenth century, its cottages, the placid river Avon and many cafes and shops, it was a real journey through time!IMG-20180713-WA0005

After dinner, the kids played many different wit games, such as chemical experiments, play the ukelele, play football...and, not too late, we went to sleep.

Finally Friday arrived! We are very excited because of the disco party after English lessons tonight :)

In addition, the arrival of the weekend is right here!! It's going to be the first one together and there's going to be many surprises on it: WE ARE GOING TO LONDON.

Tell you all the details on Monday,

Keep save families!

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