Beach Color Run in Bournemouth

Hi families!

Today is Monday again, for this reason all of us have gone to the English classes in order to learn new vocabulary and grammar.

Hoy vuelve a ser lunes, asi que todos hemos ido a clase para seguir aprendiendo cosas nuevas.


When we have finished the classes, we have gone to the canteen. After having lunch, we have gone to the Bournemouth centre in order to do some shops. We have bought a lot of things and some presents for our families!

Al acabar las clases hemos ido a comer y después hemos ido al centro de Bournemouth de compras. ¡Hemos comprado muchas cosas y regalos para nuestras familias!

In the evening, after having dinner, we have gone to the beach to do the evening activity. Today we have done Colour Run activity. It has been very fun, and we have enjoyed it a lot! We've all ended up covered with colours.

A la noche, después de cenar, hemos ido a la playa a hacer la actividad de noche. Hoy hemos hecho Colour Run. ¡Ha sido muy divertido y nos lo hemos pasado en grande! Hemos acabado todos pintados de colores.


Tomorrow we will do Pottery Painting and Football and Volleyball in the city park.

Mañana haremos Pottery Painting y futbol y voleibol en el parquet de la ciudad.

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