What is the E.U Digital COVID Certificate?

 The solution for travelling this summer

We are constantly updating the european travel situation, this is the reason we would like to inform about a new decission taken by the European Parliament regarding safe travel requirements for the European Union.

On the 20th of May, the parliament commission aproved the EU Digital COVID Certificate regulation. From now on this certificate will be needed for international travel, even outside the E.U.


¿What is this document?

It's a digital certificate that states the following: 

-If you have been vaccinated for COVID-19. 

-That you have received a negative result for the latest test. 

-That you have recently recovered from COVID-19. 

Every person who travels must comply with these 3 requirements. 


The certificate is free of charge, safe and accessible to everyone.  You will be able to obtain the certificate in paper or digital format and it will contain a QR code accessible for all those passengers who have been vaccinated.  The certifficate can be issued in English or the local language.  The certificate will be accepted by all members of the E.U.

With the digital version, citizens will be able to store it on any electronic device.  In order to guarantee the authenticity of the digital or paper certificate, a verified signature will on the document. 

¿How can citizens obtain the certificate? 

it will be the national authorities who will issue the certificates.  You will also be able to obtain the certificate from the testing centres, through the health authorities or directly through the electronic health system webpage. 

¿How does it work?

It will mainly work through the QR code and digital signature, which will be the main features of protection against possible falsifications. We the certificate is collected by the authorities, they will scan the QR code and verify it's authenticity.  Each country will have a different signature key and all data will be safely stored. 

¿What data are included?

The certificate includes necessary information like date of birth, date of issue, information on the vaccine, test results or recovery date. 

All these data will appear on the certificate, but are not stored or conserved once verified.

At the moment this certificate will be used at the time of international travel. Please follow this link for further information EU Digital COVID Certificate, and make sure to enjoy travelling again!

Get ready for the summer!